Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are you ready?

The weekends fly by. Although I'm grateful for EVERYDAY, I must admit I celebrate Fridays with a little more umph. This umph is typically in the form of a dance which may involve limbs waving in the air like I just don't care.

Ever since I stopped working weekends on someone else's watch, the weekends feel better. I loved the extra money, I mean who wouldn't, but the drain of working 7 days a week can leave you with an overwhelming feeling of defeat. The funny part is, I didn't choose to leave my weekend job, they no longer needed me there. That in itself is surely a blessing in disguise because knowing me, I would've still been there. Tired, drained but happy for a few extra dollars.

Back to Fridays.

I love them because it means the two days coming involve not punching a clock, setting an alarm to wake up, or ironing work clothes. It means I don't have to shower at 6 am or shove oatmeal down my throat.

With these two magical days, I have long to do lists. Most of my tasks are related to my business goals because frankly, during the work week, between work and family life, I don't get as much done as I'd like. Some tasks are simpler than others.

Organize desk. Sure. That's doable.

Print worksheets for a business course. Doable as well.

Finish website, schedule posts, branding, edit bio, email potential referral sources, make videos, take head shots, uhm......something about an S on my chest and saving the world?

Something mysteriously happens between Friday and Monday. I have yet to fully understand this phenomenon.

I blink and it's Monday again. There's no Monday dance. I've barely wiped off the sweat from the Friday one. I'm not ANTI monday, I'm just genuinely concerned that yet another 48 hours slipped by and I didn't accomplish everything I intended to.

This past Monday, I walked into work as I mentally reviewed the past weekend or lack thereof. The receptionist greets me and says, "Hello Miss Jackie, are you ready?"

I'm not one to panic but I had a moment. I quickly scanned my brain trying to think what I forgot to do or what major event was happening on this day and how this would impact my job. I screamed internally but calmly said, "What's happening today?"

She said "It's Monday."

I laughed out loud and exhaled. There was no emergency or pressing issue. There was no report due or auditor waiting. There was no meeting I missed or important call I didn't return.

It was Monday! (maybe I WILL come up with a Monday dance after all)

In that moment, she reminded me, like they say, "You have to stay ready so you never have to GET ready."

So with my long to do lists, I'm breaking them down and getting things done so when someone asks me that again.

The answer is YES!

P.S. Scroll up....that lovely clean desk isn't mine. *adds clean desk to do list again*


  1. Great read and a nice approach to Mondays. Hope you're working on your Monday dance :)

  2. This is an awesome post!
    My weekends are not my own and people have suggested that I take one day off. It feels undoable but I think that i will.