Monday, September 26, 2011

I like it raw

Before your mind goes to the gutter (it was probably already there before you opened my blog), I am talking about food. We'll save THAT talk for another blog.

I'm on a journey for the next 30 days...well, 27 to go, to eat 100% raw foods. Someone jokingly asked if I would be eating raw chicken. With that said, let me clarify. I am eating uncooked vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I haven't made this announcement to everyone. However, the people who have had the luxury of knowing this (useless?) information have given me interesting responses. "Why would anyone on earth want to do that?" "Soon you'll be eating grass and nothing more." "Hmmm, and how often will you eat chicken?" "I wouldn't last one day." "Good luck with that." "That sounds like torture." "I need chicken as much as you need oxygen."

I am on a quest to try new things (all legal). I've toyed with the idea of becoming a raw foodist or vegan for years. I was a vegetarian once..for 7 years actually. I woke up one morning and said "I'm going to be a vegetarian" and maintained it. So 30 days prior to my birthday, I've decided to start this journey.

Today is actually day 3 of my raw food journey. Shall I recap the first 2 days for you? Here we go!

Day 1 thoughts in review: "I hate this. What made me decide to do this foolishness? How can someone do this forever? They are crazy. I don't want any more damn grapes. No, I am crazy for trying this. I can just give up now. Maybe the people I told won't remember. I'll eat chicken and start tomorrow. Ok, no, it's all in my head remember? I can do this. Ugh!"

Day 2 thoughts in review: "I want pizza. No, i want oatmeal. I can't believe I miss oatmeal. I want crackers..with cheese. Nope, I just want pizza. I'm over this. Maybe I'm a carb addict. I need an intervention? Why did I say I'd do this again? All in my head. Only 28 days to go."

Day 3 (today): "I really want oatmeal. Who knew I'd EVER miss oatmeal. It's ok though, i'm doing this because I said I would. 27 days to go. I can do this."

Here we are on day 3. I've decided to do this for several reasons. Whoever thinks we NEED meat in order to survive is sadly mistaken. I get headaches often. Some so bad, I become homicidal. No, I've never killed anyone but I bet some of these senseless crimes we hear about daily could be from migraine sufferers. I'm sorta kidding...sorta. As I was saying, I get headaches and would like to see if changing my diet could possibly reduce or eliminate this pain. I also get stomach aches and again, would be thrilled to see a change. Clearer skin, shedding a few pounds, and more energy are also other great reasons I'm trying this "detox".

Some people eat like this everyday...forever. I won't go that far. I am 90% sure I'll be a vegan after these 30 days though but I'll keep you posted on that. If anyone would like to start this journey with me, feel free! I'd love to hear from you.

It's time for some grapes....

Until next time!


  1. LOL@ "I don't want any more damn grapes." -- once I started vegan I craved cheese. Kudos to you for trying a change to improve your health. I know what killer headaches are like and that's my motivation too. Unlike you, I'm not sure I'll commit to Vegan forever. I can do without the dairy, but like the occasional fish, so we'll see. I also did a little research on veganism and found that me trying to eat vegan doesn't make me a vegan. I do have an issue with animals who are treated inhumanely for food, and with our whole industrialized food system here, but there are many people the world over whose main source of food comes from the fish they catch and the cattle they herd/milk they drink. I don't have a problem with that,so I guess that means I won't ever be vegan. I'm ok without the label, it's the benefits to myself and environment that are more important to me. Keep up the good work, and thanks for being honest about craving oatmeal! :-) -- Grace

  2. You will truly feel different and look a lot different. I'm not a vegan, more of a vegetarian. I eat a lot of grains, fruits and vegetables. NO WHITE FOODS with the exception of an occasional organic fries! I do eat some yogurt and cheese time and time again, and this has been over the past 8 years of my life. Trust me, the cravings will be there, but you have to discipline yourself for the betterment of your health. Cancer is steadily killing people and blacks are becoming victims of it more and more. Stay away from 95% of what they sell in the supermarkets, try different vegetables and do a lot of research and study. Check out a film called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer and on Youtube: Earthlings,


    David Williams aka Mr. Wells

  3. I should charge you for stealing my "i need chicken as much as you need oxygen" statement!

    You can do this! 30 days will be up in NO TIME. I miss pizza too, that's the first thing I craved since I started the Dukan Diet. I really miss bread too. I am thinking about semi-vegetarianism but will NOT join you in the raw food diet. I don't like it raw....