Monday, September 26, 2011

I like it raw

Before your mind goes to the gutter (it was probably already there before you opened my blog), I am talking about food. We'll save THAT talk for another blog.

I'm on a journey for the next 30 days...well, 27 to go, to eat 100% raw foods. Someone jokingly asked if I would be eating raw chicken. With that said, let me clarify. I am eating uncooked vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I haven't made this announcement to everyone. However, the people who have had the luxury of knowing this (useless?) information have given me interesting responses. "Why would anyone on earth want to do that?" "Soon you'll be eating grass and nothing more." "Hmmm, and how often will you eat chicken?" "I wouldn't last one day." "Good luck with that." "That sounds like torture." "I need chicken as much as you need oxygen."

I am on a quest to try new things (all legal). I've toyed with the idea of becoming a raw foodist or vegan for years. I was a vegetarian once..for 7 years actually. I woke up one morning and said "I'm going to be a vegetarian" and maintained it. So 30 days prior to my birthday, I've decided to start this journey.

Today is actually day 3 of my raw food journey. Shall I recap the first 2 days for you? Here we go!

Day 1 thoughts in review: "I hate this. What made me decide to do this foolishness? How can someone do this forever? They are crazy. I don't want any more damn grapes. No, I am crazy for trying this. I can just give up now. Maybe the people I told won't remember. I'll eat chicken and start tomorrow. Ok, no, it's all in my head remember? I can do this. Ugh!"

Day 2 thoughts in review: "I want pizza. No, i want oatmeal. I can't believe I miss oatmeal. I want crackers..with cheese. Nope, I just want pizza. I'm over this. Maybe I'm a carb addict. I need an intervention? Why did I say I'd do this again? All in my head. Only 28 days to go."

Day 3 (today): "I really want oatmeal. Who knew I'd EVER miss oatmeal. It's ok though, i'm doing this because I said I would. 27 days to go. I can do this."

Here we are on day 3. I've decided to do this for several reasons. Whoever thinks we NEED meat in order to survive is sadly mistaken. I get headaches often. Some so bad, I become homicidal. No, I've never killed anyone but I bet some of these senseless crimes we hear about daily could be from migraine sufferers. I'm sorta kidding...sorta. As I was saying, I get headaches and would like to see if changing my diet could possibly reduce or eliminate this pain. I also get stomach aches and again, would be thrilled to see a change. Clearer skin, shedding a few pounds, and more energy are also other great reasons I'm trying this "detox".

Some people eat like this everyday...forever. I won't go that far. I am 90% sure I'll be a vegan after these 30 days though but I'll keep you posted on that. If anyone would like to start this journey with me, feel free! I'd love to hear from you.

It's time for some grapes....

Until next time!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Don't follow me, I'm lost too."

I grew up with a typewriter in the house. I remember Mom typing away and I can even remember the noise it made as it jumped to the next line on the page. She taught me to type. I excelled in typing class while others were still learning where to put their fingers. We had an answering machine and a rotary house phone.

Fast forward 20+ years. My son is 2 and will see his first typewriter when he googles one. He knows how to unlock my cell phone. He has THREE toy laptops and two toy cell phones. He has also thrown my $400 phone across the room but I digress.

I HATE technology. Hate sounds a tad strong and it may be but it's the truth. I can't stand it but here's the catch: I love technology. I realize this doesn't make any sense but it's also the truth. I entered my first chat room in high school and entered a room full of words and strangers, weirdos, and probably a lot of grown adults pretending to be teens. In college, I joined and LOVED it. Then there was I signed on daily, spent way more hours than I'll ever admit to. Let's not forget instant messenger, AIM, msn, I had them all. I have had the pleasure of meeting many people in the "real world" that I originally met online. Some are still friends of mine and some I have no interest in ever speaking to again.

What's next? Where do we go from here? We are a society stuck behind our laptops, peeking over our cell phones, engaging in conversations while using our ipads, and reading books on our nooks. We cry when there's no wifi and lose our minds when we forget our cell phones at home.We abbreviate words that don't need to be shortened, dumb down our posts so everyone understands and misspell words because it's "cute".

People think it's odd I still subscribe to magazines and buy books. I want to make picket signs and protest outside on someone's lawn (don't get scared unless you live nearby). No one will hear me over their Ipods though so I'm discouraged. My cd's have piles of dust on them and I no longer own cassette tapes. The lady at the register of my favorite clothing store (or grocery, shoe, hat, anything store) asks for my phone number or email address and looks offended when I say "No" and tries to justify why she NEEDS it before I make my purchase. "I can't continue with the purchase until you give me the info," she replied. "I just want the jeans," I mumble.

When we meet people with internet access, we assume they have a facebook page. "What do you mean you DON'T have facebook?" We walk away shaking our heads at their paranoia for being "too connected" to the world. We can "check in" to places for the whole world to know exactly where we are. We get tagged in photos we would never have shown the public.  If there is a "Stalking for dummies" book, it is no longer necessary.

All I'm really saying is: I support growth and progress. I just hope we don't lose ourselves in the process. Writing letters, phone calls, meeting REAL people in it a lost cause? I won't tell you how many texts I've sent this past month (my poor thumbs) but there's NOTHING like real conversation. There's also NOTHING like sending a slightly inappropriate text to the wrong person so be careful.

This blog was inspired by Pitre Braxton. I went to his blogspot page earlier. He had links to his blog, youtube, facebook, skype and twitter. I was impressed and disturbed. I have email: yahoo, 2 aol, gmail, bellsouth, work, and used to have 2 hotmail addresses. WHY!? My favorite man (more about him another day) has 3 gmail addresses. I've never asked why and I'm sure he has others. Today's my second day as I blogger and I am now a "follower" of several people. Twitter scares me but eventually I'll join and you'll follow me (yes, you).

Just be careful out there. Not everyone is headed in the same direction. Not everyone needs to be followed. Look behind you sometimes, there are a few trying to catch up to bring you down. I've learned THAT lesson too. Have fun though. Enjoy yourself but be a little paranoid. There's enough on the internet for me to find you, your first pet and your mother's maiden name.

 The irony of all of this? I typed this entire blog on my android via a blog app. I guess I have to use this technology since it's not going anywhere, huh?

Now excuse me, I have family to visit, friends to CALL back and letters to WRITE. I encourage you to try this novel idea. The recipient will be pleased (no guarantees).

Oh and follow me here on blogspot if you dare..I'm headed places! I'm also on fb, Gtalk, tumblr and youtube.

Ttyl LOL Ijs

~ Miss J

Friday, September 16, 2011

Are we there yet?

I often begin my days simply reminding myself to be grateful. I've been there, seen that, tasted that, heard that, and didn't like some of that but I'm still here. I thank you for joining me. I've been entertaining the idea of a "real" blog since myspace. There's a lot going on in my head and in the world that I'd like to share with you so have a seat. I'm random. I am tangential. I overthink. Is overthink even a word? Probably not... If you've met me, you also know I talk too fast. Regardless of what brought you here, I am grateful you are here.


~ Miss J