Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rawking and Rolling

Well....happy new year!!!

Long time no see! I really must get better about updating these blogs!

I've decided to become a high raw vegan. My friend asked me yesterday, "Why do vegans and vegetarians need so many classifications? Why so complicated?" I laughed. It really isn't that complicated.

A high raw vegan is a vegan who eats mostly raw foods. I feel fantastic when I'm eating raw.

I must rewind to tell you I started off this year on a juice/smoothie fast. I planned to go 31 days...ALL of January! Key word here: PLANNED. I gave up today. Perhaps "gave up" isn't the right term but I was DONE. I was exhausted on the fast. That seems so backwards to me and I lost less than 3 lbs. Yep, that was my true sign I was done!

So I'm eating/drinking raw 100% of the time til Spring! I'm so excited to be chewing again. I'm meeting more and more raw vegans online who are making this transition SO much easier.

Cheers to a Rawtastic year!

Stay tuned for you tube videos, more blogs, and my websites! 2013 will be great!