Friday, October 28, 2011

I made it!

I survived the 30 days of raw foods and loved it so much, I'm doing an additional 30 days. I did eat fish on October 24th because it was my birthday.

Hmm. I am thinking back on what I've learned on this "diet".

Well....some things were reiterated for me including:
1. I DO NOT like avocado, cucumber, and squash. It doesn't matter if they are cooked or raw, no bueno and no thanks.

2. I have more discipline than I give myself credit for.

3. MOST people will look at you like you're INSANE when you tell them you're eating only raw foods and INSIST they could NEVER do it.

4. For a woman who used to profess to others "I don't like vegetables," I've come along way.

Now for the hardcore results:
My skin LOOKS clearer to me.
I feel lighter.
I rarely craved meat.
I ate a LOT of fruits and vegs and never felt like I was starving
I lost 12.1 pounds during the actual 30 days. Including the 2 weeks prior where i began to eat raw food meals for breakfast and lunch, I lost 19.4 lbs total.

So, i'm doing an additional 30 days that started on October 25....who's doing it with me???!?

Questions/comments/concerns? Feel free to reply


  1. I'll cheer you on, but I won't be doing it with you...LOL. Glad it's working out for you, though.

  2. I'm so happy you made it! I was rooting for you the whole time...but will NOT be joining you!!!