Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Balancing Beam

I admire women who seem to have it together. They look "polished" and "well kept". Their homes are immaculate, their laundry baskets are EMPTY, not even a fork in the sink, and they have time for spa days and mud baths. In the past, I admit I've been jealous of those women for all of these reasons except the mud baths (can mud get stuck in a hole or crevice?). I wondered why my 24 hours didn't run as smoothly as theirs seemed to run. My home hasn't been immaculate since 2 days after never. My laundry baskets are empty on occasion but that typically lasts approximately 5 minutes. I have a 3 year old so toy cars, fridge magnets, and forks are fair game in the kitchen sink. My last spa day was in 2009 and it was a prenatal massage.

On my facebook page this week, we've been talking about balance. Although the ways we balance our lives or notice an imbalance may differ, most can agree we need  balance. Even if you have the perfect family and home, if your work is stressful to the point of major anxiety, life becomes miserable. I've met colleagues and co workers who hate their jobs. They go home and talk about how miserable their day was at work. They walk into the office doors with misery and carry that same heavy baggage home with them.

I can't ride a bicycle. I've mentioned this in a previous blog and said it was on my list of things to learn before I turned 30 (October 2012). It didn't happen. Frankly, I lost interest. My fear of falling and hurting myself continues to outweigh my interest in learning. I found an article in a fitness magazine a few months ago about a woman who learned to ride as an adult. I was excited and tore the article out for safekeeping. Today, I have no interest in learning but perhaps one day I'll want to learn again. If and when I do learn, I understand the concept and know the moment I lose balance, I will have to stop myself from falling (or break a limb). We can look at our lives through the same lens. After a while of imbalance, things will start to fall out of place.

As I type this, Alicia Keys' Superwoman began playing from my itunes. Today, I took the "S" off my chest. Today, I spent the day at home with my son. He was under the weather and I could not send him to school. I like to plan my days off but obviously no one plans to be sick (or home with a sick child). We spent the day singing songs, dancing, and writing. Today's lesson was simple. Sometimes things happen in life that will throw you off and bring you right back on track. Perhaps we needed the day off to slow down and regroup. Instead of spending the day with clients and co workers, I got to hang out with my favorite guy in the world. The only concern he had today was how many stickers to put on each side of my face.

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  1. I knew how to skate, and said I would learn again now in my 30's but ahh I think i'll stick to my sneeks. I lost interest as well except when I watch Roll Bounce BOL! Then I go back to my old woman ways as the end credits roll.